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The Art of Mixing Modern and Vintage: Timeless Interior Design Ideas

Modern Interior Design is the art of mixing modern and vintage. It is a set of styles that were designated in the early to mid-20th century. This new set of styles is characterized by clean lines, neutral colors, natural materials, natural lights, and so on. It is a type of aesthetic style which changes the whole d├ęcor.


It was designated in the 19th and reached its height in the 20th century. Gradually, it was taking its shape. Over time, the styles are going to industrialization and gained a lot of popularity. Thus, now it has evolved as Timeless Interior Design Ideas, Modern Interior Design.

Key Elements of Modern and Vintage Interior Design for a Timeless Home or Office

It has many elements without which it can not be so modern and vintage. To get a modern look and vintage of the home, office, etc. the following five elements have to be followed:

  1. a. Clean lines: Modern Interior Design rejects clean lines such as heavy texture, dramatic and dark elements, and ornamentation. This type of design accepts those clean lines that have uncluttered spaces, clean and straight lines, and without any fussiness.
  2. b. Neutral colors: Neutral colors include white, beige, grey, and different shades of black and pastel shades.
  3. c. Natural materials: Along with neutral shades, Modern Interior Design emphasizes natural materials. like plywood, or steel instead of wood. However, the choice of natural materials may differ from place to place. Although, Modern Interior Design tries to keep their design ideas according to their choices. For example, modernists in Brazil like to use natural and local wood to make furniture.
  4. d. Open Floor Plan: Modern Interior Design follows the concept of an open floor plan.
  5. e. Long and Low Furniture: Long and low furniture gives the home a modern look. Along with that, furniture made of leather, steel, glass, plywood, and resin gives a classy look to the furniture and the home. It is the art of mixing modern and vintage. Along with all the elements mentioned above, the design ideas must be environmentally friendly. According to the report, it has been seen that in the U.S. and Canada, 70% of consumers emphasized that the ideas must be sustainable as well as eco-friendly.


This idea of Modern Interior Design has to maintain a proper balance between decorations and their purposes. This blog designates some brief concepts about its history. Along with that, the elements that must be followed during making designs are described here. The elements like clean, uncluttered spaces, neutral shades, walls, natural materials, the concept of the open floor plan are discussed to impart an idea. Moreover, modernists have to keep in mind that the design ideas should be eco-friendly. In the meantime, the modernists have to keep in mind growing demands and interests. Modern Interior Design is not only limited to certain styles and designs, it gradually increases over the period.

When discussing with interior designer choose your style and then finalize.