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A Few Simple Steps to Take Your Home from Simple to Luxury

A home will undoubtedly lose its appeal if it is not maintained and upgraded. As a result, every homeowner should renovate their property whenever possible, either by hiring a luxury interior designer in Mumbai or carrying out it by themselves. If you believe you do not have sufficient funds to employ an interior designer near you, there are simple solutions for transforming your house without breaking the bank. How? Keep reading this blog to get the solution.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Décor on Your Own

  1. 1. Change The Color of Your Paint - Changing the color of your walls may instantly transform a room and is quite affordable. Choose a relaxing color or make a statement with a decorative wall that draws the spotlight on your preferred characteristic in the interior. Consider painting your concrete flooring, or even your furniture to connect all together.
  2. 2. Give Old Furniture a New Look – Create easy DIY furnishings from the comfort of your own home to elevate your space without trying to call your local furniture store. As an example, if you have an antique dresser, it just needs a fresh coat of paint or a lacquer finish. Similarly, if any furniture has good structures, there are nearly infinite ways to use it. You just need to use the internet to receive a list of great ideas for easy furniture modifications.
  3. 3. Upgrade Your Lighting - Replace your conventional box store lights and fading shades with fully contemporary lighting which can make a statement in your home with less effort. Take inspiration from your favorite decorating journals or Google to discover fresh decorating options, such as trendy LED lighting. Additionally, do not be afraid to experiment with the color, shape, and size of the lights. When it comes to updating your home's interior, small changes can make an enormous impact.
  4. 4. Change Home Décor Accessories - Think about changing all your home accessories with a simple aesthetic makeover that doesn't need a full day of DIY effort. Replace faded pillow covers using new, premium designer pillows, or replace out-of-date art on your walls with more contemporary pieces. Look over your shelves as well. Altering your photographs or rearranging your favorite sketches is another fast way to refresh your living space.
  5. 5. Replace the Rugs – Use a high-quality rug that is simple and soft to create a sense of elegance in your living area. Rugs are also an ideal way to separate living rooms, especially in open-concept houses. Experiment with shapes while looking for a certain item to ensure you get the right size to suit a particular area.


Remember, this is your home, therefore any changes you choose must highlight your personality mostly. Regarding the modification, there are no specific guidelines to follow! Also, you might make your home more appealing by immediately employing a luxury interior designer in Mumbai, such as AVJ DESIZN. With our low-cost interior design solutions, you can make your decorating desires a reality without breaking the bank!